Keep Strong!

M16-A4 and a Military Kevlar Helmet

About Me!


My name is Derek. I am an Army Veteran of 8 years with an Honorable discharge. I suffer myself from PTSD and Anxiety. It has been a struggle and trying to find help has been one of the hardest things, even though the Veteran's Affairs Administration. If it wasn't for the Military With PTSD foundation giving me resources and pointing me in the right direction, I would not have been motivated to keep pushing.


About Keep Strong!


I started Keep Strong! in January of 2017. I was inspired to help raise awareness about PTSD by creating a clothing line for people to wear that helps depict a story on every shirt, pillow, sticker, or any other item. It's not about the person that is wearing the shirt, but the story behind them. That shirt is also a reminder to anyone around them to Keep Strong! through anything. No matter what anyone is going through, there is always a reason to Keep Strong! and always someone there to listen.


The Logo


It took some time before the logo came to what it is now. The story behind the logo is in every stich of our clothing. The most prominent is the knife. The knife is there in the power symbol to show that there is a pain behind every veteran that keeps us moving through any obstacle.

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